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Here’s what is included in our white-label maintenance plans.

Our services were strategically selected to help offer the most value for your client’s websites. Learn more about each service below.

E-commerce support

Woocommerce issues can cost your client’s time money. We cover E-commerce bugs and fixes.

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Speed Optimization

Slow website speed negatively impacts your client’s conversion rate and Google ranking.

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Malware Protection

An insecure website can lead to a Malware Infection and being Blacklisted by Google.

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Downtime Support

Websites go down for all kinds of reasons. We are active in getting the website back up.

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Managed Software Updates

Automating plugin, theme, and core updates is smart. But what happens when there’s a conflict?

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Robust Performance Reports

Everything we do to keep your client’s website fast, secure, and updated in an easy-to-read monthly report.

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Speed Optimization

We guarantee a less than 4 second fully-loaded time, a 90% or higher page-speed score, and an 80% or higher Y-slow score on every website we maintain. 

After the initial Speed Optimization, we check the site monthly and make adjustments as-needed to keep the load-time and scores within the guidelines.

Security & Malware Protection

We protect against Malware, D-DOS, and SQL Injection attacks.  If your client’s website is infected with malware, we are notified and will begin removing it immediately.

We also monitor outdated plugins and themes and will suggest and replace if needed (at no extra charge).

Downtime Support

Downtime can be caused by a number of reasons: temporary hosting downtime, a vulnerable plugin installation that crashed the site, or due to a security breach.

If your client’s website is down, we are notified within seconds and will start working immediately to get it back online.

Managed Software Updates

Anyone can turn on automatic updates, but what happens when there is a visual change on the site, or worse, the site crashes?

We make plugin, theme, and core updates outside of business hours (every sunday morning) and check each site manually to ensure there were not any visual changes that occurred due to the update.

Robust Performance Reports

Keeping your client’s in the know, that’s what our white-labeled reports do.

Every month we send out white-labeled performance reports that detail Software Updates that were made, Backups, Security Vulnerabilities that were patched, Current load-time, Total Downtime (If any), White-labeled under your brand.


Learn how we help agencies focus on new and exciting projects while we handle their client's tedious website maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions we are asked.

Are all of the services listed included in the standard and E-commerce plans?

Yes!  All of the services listed on the services page: Speed Optimization, Security and Malware Removal, Downtime Support, Managed Software Updates, and Reporting are included in both the Standard and E-commerce maintenance plans.

Do you guys offer discounts if I have more than 10 sites?

Yes! We offer discounts for agency partners with more than 10 sites, please see below for reference:

More than 10 websites – 10% discount
More than 20 websites – 15% discount
More than 50 websites – 25% discount

Why were these services selected?

Our services were selected strategically to help offer the most value for the best pricing to your clients.

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